Sustainability and social responsibility define our actions

As a family-owned and operated enterprise rooted in Brühl that is also committed to the principles of sustainability, we strive to make a positive contribution to society. We actively support our fellow citizens in need.

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We assume social responsibility

The Brühl food bank (Brühler Tafel e.V.)

Food banks in Germany act as a bridge between excess and poverty. These collect surplus food from companies and manufacturers and pass it on to the most needy. Since establishing the local Brühl food bank, company founder Hildegard Kiehnel has been an active member and helps socially and economically disadvantaged people. 2011 saw the founding of the Brühl Food Bank after loosening from its national mother-organisation, and Kiehnel’s nomination as its chair. BCH provides the Food Bank’s support-phone with its own number and a constant contact person.

Child Protection Agency Brühl

The Child Protection Agency is committed to the protection of children, children's rights and improving the lives of children and their families. We support the German Child Protection Association, Brühl as a member and through the volunteer work of Hildegard Kiehnel as treasurer.