Chemical name: Ethyl (2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl) phenylphosphinate
CAS-No.: 84434-11-7
Sensitive Packing: Conditional
Type: I
LED: Yes
Curing: Depth
Peaks (nm): 230, 275, 370

TPO-L is a highly efficient Free Radical Type I liquid photoinitiator which is used to initiate UV polymerization of resins containing acrylic groups and of unsaturated polyesters containing styrene.

− Screen Inks − Offset Inks
− Flexo Inks − Photoresists
− Overprint Varnishes − Printing Plates

As a liquid photoinitiator with excellent compatibility, it is especially easy to incorporate into all formulations. Since TPO-L absorbs in the long wave region of UV spectrum, it can completely cure paints and surfaces pigmented with TiO2.


TPO-L Chemical Structure